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“Ruta succesului tine de un serviciu bine pus la punct, unde nu exista limite”

Internal and international transport

Our business branch intended for internal and international transport is a branch extended and well devised. GenexCom holds a total of 20 trucks EURO 5 AND EURO 6 L-13.6m, l-2.5m, H-2.7m with insurance CMR / Global ASKO 1, 5 mil euro, perfectly equipped and adapted for any type of transport/load.

Intern and international transportservices at the best prices and under the best possible conditions?

You have got to where you have to be. Partnership with GenexCom is unique, drawn up in accordance with the rules in force, and in which both sides to achieve their intended objective. We provide necessary guidance for the purpose of selection of the most useful and convenient package of transport services. We know how much does it matter the confidence so that we wish that every time to get it.


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In this area is the main factor because we refer both to the load, as well as to the machine and driver’s side. Focus on functionality and technology and paradigm we are always ready for any request.


Time is the one who “dominate” this area. Any request for transport comes with an estimated time of arrival and with a destination. We, because of the statements made by promptly we deliver on our exactly these conditions.


GenexCom employees are carefully selected and well prepared to face any situation. We are faced with a lot of situations and that is why we have chosen professional people, skilled and passionate for this field.

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Internal Transport

The service of internal transport of goods is valid from all over the country, and irrespective of the route, we are prepared for each request for transport. Internal clients are in large numbers and we are proud to help the internal development and the initiation of work places.


Interface between company and customer is its employees. That’s why our company’s employees are carefully selected in such a way that, in the relationship with the customer to give proof of respect, responsibility, reliability and professionalism of the tasks which they have to be fulfilled.

International Transport

Our company is specialized in road freight transport, based on an extensive network of collaborators internal and international vendors.Our privileged geographical location it is useful to the organization of transport to both countries of the European Union, as well as to the CIS countries.


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